Cherrywood Ridge boasts a history dating back to 1837. It has served as a home to generations of families, a chicken hatchery and even a bed & breakfast in the 1930s-1950s for travelers seeking adventure on Lincoln Highway, the first transcontinental road that stretched from New York to San Francisco.

Throughout its history, Cherrywood Ridge has hosted weddings for families who still call this area of Ohio home. Become a part of this rich history and book your event with Cherrywood Ridge!

Your milestone events should be celebrated! 

We know what it means to work hard and chase a dream. After years of dreaming, owner and operator, April Beck is bringing to life her dream of creating an authentic space where you can gather and celebrate some of your life’s most precious memories. April has worked with multi-million dollar companies for over 15 years, ironing out the intricate details of their marketing and advertising research needs and now wants to help you create a day that will rest in your memory as priceless.